CAD & Logo Design

We offer a fast and cost effective service to design layouts,logos or indeed any work associated with Computer Aided Design.

We have expertise not only in Logo Design but in 2D/3D mapping, providing clients with proposed plan layouts or displaying computer simulations to visualise a product/building in three dimensional space.

Our prime area had been in retail and wholesale. For example, by making 3D photorealistic simulations of products distributed by Tobar Group Trading and creating simulations of their clients’ retail space in 3D, Tobar were able to show how their products would look in their clients’ retail environment, a significant time and cost saving given that the client has it’s business in Iceland. The presentation resulted in a major contract award for Tobar.

Other work has included 3D designs for Events Stands and preparation of 2D shop layout plans for a company called Hawkins Bazaar, a company specialising in temporary ‘pop up’ shops, that require such plans to submit to landlords and shopping centres around the uk, for installation approval.

This list is, of course, not exhaustive.

Please contact us for an informal chat about your requirements and what we can do for you.