Ross Goldstein

Karma…..I get it. It has made sense to me for most of my adult life.
Something that has nothing to do with Karma popped into my email first thing this morning – the offer of some good, lynda.com (great training resource) web marketing advice. Being pretty hopeless re marketing what I do, I opened it up and started watching….
One idea struck more than the others, and I quote…
‘Fourth tip is, practice good karma that when you find something good from somebody else, credit the source’
And the first thing I thought of was ‘how often do any of us see this on facebook?’ In other words, how often do we make a ‘standalone’ post that bares no relationship to ourselves and simply highlights the good that someone has selflessly done for you?
If you’re like me, especially if you’re struggling to establish a new business/idea, it’s so easy to focus on the sheer number of ‘no replies’ to your social media comments, emails etc, and not enough time to consider the people that have really helped you.
So I’m going to do a series of posts that have nothing to do with me, but celebrate ‘unsung’ heros that value helping others.
Step forward our first contender, Mr Ross Goldstein. This gentlemen has shot our band Mama Genesis Tribute, for free, has turned me from a relatively clueless Virtual Photographer into possible one of the more skilled in the uk. He hosts my websites, advises me on marketing issues, sets up my website frames for me, highlights new developments in our field that I would have missed, AND ALL FOR NOT A PENNY. He doesn’t just do it for me, I KNOW he helps many many people in a similar way, all whilst trying to match the huge demands from customers, for his considerable talents.
Ross is on Facebook. He has too many websites to list the one he’s most known for.
Check him out
There’ll be more to follow. If the person highlighted doesn’t like this, or the portraits I’m producing of them, simply PM me and I’ll take it down.
Anyone else fancy having a go at doing this? We might just engage some good karma smile emoticon