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Without doubt one of the most exciting fields in digital imaging today is the implementation of imagery into software packages that create amazingly immersive 360 degree Virtual Tours. Hover your mouse over the image above, then hold down the left click and move your mouse from side to side. If your mouse has a roller/scroll wheel, once again hover over the image above and roll the wheel. This is just the start of what you can do!

Imagine you are trying to describe the look and feel of your business to a client who has never visited you before. Photographs certainly help, and maybe video even more so. But what if you could invite your clients to ‘step into’ your business before they actually visit? Imagine them able to look around, peer in the corners, discover what makes your business so special, from every angle. Imagine if they could ‘walk’ around the whole premises, no matter how large it is.

You are no doubt proud of what you have achieved and wish to show your business off to it’s greatest extent. You also know that once they’ve  visited, you’ve got them as  valued clients, coming back again and again.

Maybe you have the type of business that sells hundreds, or even thousands of small products, all on display in your shop. The cost of photographing every item and uploading those images onto the web is almost certainly cost prohibitive, but with a Virtual Tour using very high quality imagery, your clients can zoom in to any product they wish, as they wander around your store.

There are two main types of Virtual Tour.   One where the Photographer  uploads the specially prepared imagery to an online software utility, who in turn produces and hosts  the final Tour.  The other is a ‘standalone’ Tour, where the Photographer uses his own software and therefore produces and hosts the entire package.



TrustedProBadge_English_Landscape_PMkCoPhotoDesign offers BOTH versions through its’ sister website

The first type is offered through Google, as  we are an accredited Google Business View Photographer. The imagery at the top of this page is a Google Business View Tour. The advantages of these tours is that Google have optimised their search engine to favour businesses who have had a Google Business View Tour added to their Google+ Business Page,Website, Facebook presence etc etc.    The second ‘stand alone’ type is offered as it gives much more creative freedom to provide an experience which is unique to the client, and which uses cutting edge technology to really help your business stand apart from the rest.




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